What the fuck is Homestuck


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April 13th.


From those that draw and those that write,
From those that animate and those that fight!!!,
From those that wear their cosplays proudly,
From those that liveblog and scrEAM LOUDLY,
From those that discuss and those that analyze,
From those that roleplay and those that criticize,

Happy 4/13!

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Congratulations, everyone! See you in Johto!

That would actually be pretty awesome, if we just started over in Gold or Silver. LET’S KEEP IT GOING!

This is correct! TPP is moving onto gen 2 in about 17 hours.

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In related news, the first season of Pokemon is now available on Netflix! What great timing!

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In case you were wondering…

My computer died again. Again again again, again again, again. I went through about 50,000 computers and they all had crippling hardware defects. My luck, right? Sure teaches me not to buy anything, ever.

Right now I am in the market for a new laptop, but until then, I kind of have a piece of shit around here somewhere, probably, that just might be able to upload a picture or look at a gif in under an hour. Not too much, it gets scared easily and goes at its own pace. Piece of shit for a reason. In addition, I have mobile devices that are not suited for reading Homestuck, which is largely animation and games. Currently on mobile, can you tell?

What does this mean to you, my loving fans? Well, I could make some funny jokes or post about, what do kids like these days, computer games? I could talk about those, I guess. Not really liveblog, probably, since how the hell do I do that. Murder games are all the rage, I hear.

I think about my fans every day. Really. I swear. Always on my mind. How can I make stuff better? Always wondering, just for you.

Anyway, bottom line is, you want general content in the meantime, or what? I can give my Smash predictions or analyze Ravio for you or something, or make some funny memes,  or tell jokes, or give awful advice. Something not requiring Flash. At least until I get a computer.

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latte-doodleys asked: hay gurl, congrats on being old(er)

It was a rough ride, I tell you. Ever been to an amusement park and that safety bar jiggles around? Is it gonna hold? At first, you think everything must be fine, since hey, a million people ride this thing. But then you get to the top of the hill and start to second guess yourself. Someone in the back is screaming for her life. Sounds like a grandmother. Must have been pressured into doing this, or maybe a long regret, or an overly dramatic adrenaline seeker. Where is the top anyway? The mountain keeps growing and you force yourself not to look behind you. The ride stops. Something clicks. You can see down below you, this is the top, every worst case scenario bulldozes through your mind. Loops are up ahead, and boy, does that safety bar start wiggling just at the sight. Do people have stuff fall out of their pockets, or what? The front car drops. Here it goes.Your stomach flips, and on the horizon you can see I forgot where I was going with this, but hell yeah.

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twister468 asked: Hey, Happy Birthday! Good to see that we both survived another year. I hope you have a really nice day.

We share today with a number of other individuals, such as Severus Snape and probably some other people. To this year, to next year, and beyond! Fight until the end, as the fight is all we have! Happy birthday!

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epiccriddle asked: Happy Birthday (:

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