What the fuck is Homestuck


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moriarting asked: I don't have Cartoon Network so what is going on?

Pokemon first movie in remastered HD!

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grimbark-entity asked: do you have any particular favorite songs from the homestuck bandcamp? (or just the songs used in the comic)

Hey, great question! I have a lot to say about Homestuck’s music and musicians, but to keep this brief, if I had to pick an all time favorite it would be Softly from Volume 5. Long story short, something about the song immediately hit me as different and familiar at the same time. I later realized that it sounded like a heartbeat, and I confirmed with RJ Lake that it was indeed inspired by one. I commissioned some music from him, too.

I have a great respect for (and friendship with!) Homestuck and its current and former musicians, and although I am not entirely caught up on the music since I am far behind, I cannot stress how important it is to support the music and the musicians. Just like artists, musicians have distinct styles, and if you like a few of their Homestuck songs, chances are you are going to like their non-Homestuck ones. Please buy music. It gives them money. Also, their music is amazing.

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I have gotten at least 20 messages about what people think about Gamzee. Some people like him, some hate him, but I want you to know, none of that matters to me. Most importantly, I accept free food from any opinion of Gamzee.