What the fuck is Homestuck


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Before I begin, I would like to note that I had 116 messages in my inbox. 

This is my fault, I apologize for allowing them to accumulate. That being said, only a few of them are posted, so I apologize for that as well. Most of the other messages were related to the 13th troll, but I would rather not bring that up again.


I was unaware that my blog was considered as anything other than a blog. You are quite welcome! 

-Title as in things like the maid of time? I approve of a title such as this. 

-Still, I somewhat hoped that it would lead to something cool, official or not 

Then I will find some way to make his life absolutely miserable. Completely uncomfortable. I will bring him mild pain. 

Yes, I am going to Michigan for Youmacon!


I completely despise Geromy. Complete hate. Absolute hate. Rage. Do you know why? Because a fictional character in a webcomic said that he was not homosexual, and that is what determines whether I like a person or not. 

I do not understand this question. What kind of a question is this? What does that particular statement have to do with anything, especially Geromy? 

-I will miss you. I will keep you with me in my thoughts. We will be together in spirit. 

-Anonymous, you are giving me mixed messages as far as what you want my quadrants to be. 

-A fine suggestion! Although I am not done liveblogging myself, I will certainly see if we can convince others to liveblog Homestuck. 

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