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How to read a Tumblr in chronological order - a simple guide

As many have noticed, my blog frequently utilizes Tumblr’s little known feature of being displayed in chronological order.

Most blogs display the newest post first and the oldest post last, which can be quite troublesome if your blog is in the form of a story, a guide, a comic, or anything that is meant to be read from the beginning. 

By displaying it in chronological order, the oldest post is displayed first, and the blog can be read page by page going forward instead of going backwards. 


You will need to tag your posts. All of them. Or at least, the ones you want to be included in the chronological read through. If there are irrelevant things in the way of a story, being able to exclude certain posts is to an advantage. 

I have chosen “wtfih” for my tag, or at least for now. 

On the WTFIH tag are things that I deem relevant to my liveblog. Anything important or relevant, I tag with “wtfih”. Anything I would rather leave out, I do not tag. 

Normally, when searching through a tag, the URL would be *your url*[dot]tumblr[dot]com/tagged/*tag*

For my blog, that would be 


As you can see, the most recent post is displayed first. 

This is not how my blog is meant to be read! It is meant to be read from the beginning. 

To do this, I simply change the URL a bit. 


By simply adding /chrono to a tag’s URL, the entire tag can be read from the beginning. 

*your url*[dot]tumblr[dot]com/tagged/*tag*/chrono 

From my experience, I believe the tag cuts off at around or a little over 390 posts, which is 26 pages in my case since I have 15 posts per page. 

Because of this, I split the tag into parts. 

Once you believe you are hitting the limit or when you just want to organize the sections a bit better, add a number to the end of the tag. It keeps it simple and easy.

The difference for me is wtfih and wtfih2. 


Continue to add numbers or use different tags as you wish.  

Any tag can be viewed in chronological order with this method. If someone has an art tag, simply add /chrono to the end of their tag and watch how they have improved. 

If you have already made these posts or have many posts to edit, you can use the mass post editor to add tags for up to 100 posts at once. 

How to find the mass post editor: 

You will reach a page that looks somewhat like this-

From here, you can scroll through your blog posts and select any posts that you wish to add tags to. 

By clicking select, you can automatically select all of a certain post type. In this image, I have selected “Ask”. All of my asks are now selected. 

Use the “Jump to month” option to go to any month and posts from that time period will be displayed. 

You can also just edit the URL. 

Add /*year number*/*month number* to the end of the page’s URL to jump to that time. 

we went BACK IN TIME 

Back to the future by removing the /2011/11 from the URL. 

Clicking “Unselect” unselects the posts. 

Posts can be manually selected in any order, just click on them. You can see the number of tags on posts by selecting them. 

To add tags:

Select your posts and click “add tags”. 

A box will pop up. 

Insert the desired tags separated by a comma and press “add tags”. 

Editing tags is done in the same way. 

To test if it worked: 


The posts are there! But they are still going from newest to oldest. To fix this, once again, simply add /chrono to the URL. 


The posts are now reversed. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the disqus comments! 

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