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This brings up an interesting thought. 

What if Sburb was originally made to bring far away friends together? Nothing more than that. The original concept inoccently being to allow those who could not meet otherwise to interact, bond, and work together in the adventure of a lifetime. 

You all can probably relate to this situation. 

You have become friends with someone amazing. You have more in common with them than anyone else that you know. You share everything - you laugh together, you play together, you learn together, you cry together, you feel as if none of this world’s issues matter as long as you have this friendship. You know everything about each other. They have shown you the light, just as you have shown them. 

This person, or this group of people, are the kinds of people that are only discovered once in a blue moon. Congratulations, you have found them. 

There is only one problem: they live hundreds of miles away. They may be from another state, another country, even another continent. They could be as far away on this planet as humanly possible. 

They are there, you know, they are still there. You know the person behind the computer, you can feel this connection reaching towards you and pulling you closer, you can feel their presence in the world, and you can feel their presence in your heart. They might even be the person of your dreams. 

But you cannot reach them. You cannot hug them, you cannot high five them, you cannot smack them, and you cannot even touch their hand. I am sure it upsets you. I am sure you have, at some point wished for them to live close. To go to your school. To live in your neighborhood. To live even within a few hours of travel. To be able to wave to them as you pass at school, to be able to work alongside them at work. To live with them. To see them every day. To grow old with them. When you are sad, they would be there to hold you tight. To wipe your tears. To remind you that everything will be okay.  Everything would be so much easier, life would be so much happier, your every day would be enjoyed to the fullest. 

Unfortunately, your reality is fixed. No amount of wishing will make them suddenly appear by your side. You may never meet them. You realize this. It eats at you every day that someone so wonderful may never step into your life. 

Most people probably cannot relate to this yearning and agonizing heartbreak. They probably have never met someone online like this. They probably have never given their name, their life story, or even their love to someone that they have never been able to sit next to. Why would they? The internet is full of pedophiles, stalkers, and murderers. This paranoia restricts them from a life changing experience with one that can truly turn their entire view of the world on its head. 

On the other hand, it protects them from the pain of knowing that they may be separated by a screen for all eternity. 

This is Tumblr, though. We have a habit of becoming tightly knit. 

That is predicament is what, perhaps, Sburb was originally created to remedy. Truly, only kids and fun. 

Then it was twisted. It was stolen by a witch who changed it into a life or death battle.

You do not get to play with your most important people on Earth, you will probably watch them die. They will be bruised, beaten, pushed to their absolute limits and you may not be able to help them in time. If you fail, you lose everything. Your once in a blue moon friends are gone forever. 

There are many things still unknown. Many factors left unaccounted for or unexplained. 

But take a moment and imagine. 

Imagine a game where you can meet these wonderful people for the first time.

Imagine a place where you are no longer restricted by distance. 

Imagine that finally, finally, you are able to see the most amazing friends on the planet.

And, for the first time, 

You are able to embrace them. 

I do not know about you, but I would buy such a game in a heartbeat. 

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