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The Jailbreak story

Once upon a time many moons ago, I assumed the music team and Andrew Hussie worked together on most of everything. This was around when I first started reading Homestuck and when everyone was hyped up waiting for Cascade to be released. 

I discovered that there was a Jailbreak album, which, at the time, had insanely high and seemingly random prices for individual songs. This intrigued me. Having caught on to the fact that next to everything in Homestuck is hidden, I assumed the random numbers were a code. 

I asked RJ, a music team member, if this was the case. He said it was. 

So I spent. All of that evening. With a fucking calculator and a million different decoding websites going through each individual file, price, prices in general, and seriously trying to crack a code that did not actually exist. 

It continued until Toby Fox, another music team member, informed me that there was no code and RJ was just a giant asshole. 

Most of the posts surrounding the situation were deleted nearly a year ago, but if you want to read the few that are remaining, go ahead. 

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    that actually is a secret code, yes
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    the barcode on bars also contains a secret message for you
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