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To the sweetest, coolest, amazing-est dude I have ever met:

Holy shit, you crazy motherfucker, you are old. I mean


When I met you…fuck if I can remember that day, but I certainly remember what I thought of you. “Wow! This guy is funny and nice and also nuts! We should be friends.” ( Pokemon was, admittedly, a big factor in this conclusion. ) (( You probably also had some really sweet food. )) Our childhoods were insane. Or, rather, we were insane, and our childhoods just followed behind. Normal things do not happen to normal people, and you are everything but normal. The things that come naturally to you are things that cannot come to most people even after years and years of practice and yearning. The traits that make you…you are traits that are, for the most part, traits that people can only wish to have. You like fun. You like being happy. You flip when someone else is not. You learn, you understand, you enjoy, and you care. You were always, and have always been different. Everyone was the same, or too close to the same, and it became so very tiring. With you, there does not need to be a second guess as to whether or not you are “just another” anything. You are the opposite of Waldo, people cannot not find you. The worlds we see are so similar, the lives we lead are so strangely familiar, Mr. I Know Your Password Because Mine Is The Same. All of this shit, all of our shit, all of this mess of bullshit and shit upon shit with shit and shitty people and shitty things and shitty happenings, could we have lived without it? Could you have lived without it? Yes, but you would have been much different than who you are now. Everything you went through, everything you continue to go through, it shaped you. You know things that others do not know, you see things that others do not see, you live life in ways that others cannot live. You have seen terrible things and been through terrible times that I still wish I could have been there for, but after all of this shit

You are so wonderful. You are the prick that drops everything and comes by at a moment’s notice. You are the dick that walks miles through soup for an hour lunch at a shitty restaurant. You are the sappy asshole that insists to be the heroic prince for everyone. You are the jerk that goes on adventures, cracks jokes, plays games, enjoys life, makes people smile, and is actually really good at it. Holy Arceus, what kind of patience does it even take to hang with someone like me?

There is a sincerity surrounding everything you do that is in nobody else I have ever met. No character I have ever read, no actor I have ever seen. You think things, you say things, you do things…and you actually mean them. You go to have fun and you have fun. You are so sweet because you are actually sweet. You say you will do anything and you do…anything. You say you want to help and you actually help. Behind everything you say and every joke you crack is a (~dashing~) smile that comes from somewhere magical, it comes from the heart.

You are more full of heart than anyone. Ever. The end, this is not something I even have to think about. I cannot describe it at all, but you are just so there, and out there, and here….You are like a child, but at the same time, you are wiser than any adult. You know how to enjoy things. You do things that mark you as different. Life is a very bossy thing, and most people just let it boss them around. You actually fight back. You tell life to fuck off, you tell life that you are busy, because THE FLOOR IS LAVA. The floor is always lava with you.

You know so much, you are so brilliant, holy banana peels the things you know are things that I cannot begin to grasp. You have all this WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE, but at the same time you have so much love to give and so much joy to spread to everyone. Bold. Funny. Creative. Unique. Those are all good words that can only begin to describe you. I have more fun with you than anyone else, because you are not afraid to have fun. You look at the bright side of everything, you look at the bright side of everyone, and when I am around you, I cannot help but laugh. You are different than everyone else. You are amazing.

Destiny is a word that means so many things. If not that word, it was the most awesome coincidence in the world that we happened to meet again that one cold night on which the cake was not a lie. ( That cake was actually really fucking amazing, props to whichever artist designed it. You know, the cake with Link’s face. That was a good cake. )

You said Wind Waker was your favorite game. You are like Wind Waker. Free, open, mysterious, meaningless and yet so meaningful and knowing. Fun with a purpose. Jokes that work. Happy. You walk around and everyone begins to see their world differently. You make such an impact on everyone, and you made such an impact on me. You are so fucking hearty, you are the heartiest bastard in the world. When you smile, the whole world smiles with you. And I do, too.

Without you, my life would be so different and worse and gross and all sorts of bad things, I would rather not think about that. I cannot wait for another fun-filled adventure. Normally, big long essays and stuff come so easy, but you is just, damn, sorry this sucks 

Come home soon, you piece of shit.  


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