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novawolf88 asked: Hello, I recently started a blog, homestuckliveblogs(.)tumblr(.)com, where I am organizing the reactions of various Homestuck livebloggers by what page of Homestuck they correspond to, and I was wondering if you were okay with being included in this. I'm sorry I didn't ask you this before I started, but please let me know if you have any problems at all with this.

That sounds like a great idea! Thank you for your hard work to spread the gospel joy of liveblogging. 

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xobybr asked: So i just started following you and im wondering how far into homestuck you are?

The part where Terezi is on a really bad trip and relives some memory with apparently-not-Vriska because she wants to apologize for killing her in the future. 

( Whatever I just posted is generally how far I am. ) 

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queererfacilities asked: I just reblogged that post on UHSO, that should send more traffic his way maybe.

I have absolutely no idea what that is, but thank you!

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Anonymous asked: fun fact homestuck doesn't exist it's just a bunch of people making up words to confuse other people; the entire fandom is performance art

I knew it I always knew the music and art teams were secretly a bunch of robots I knew this was all fake I saw that camera in my cabinet there is no way any fandom can seriously make that many boner jokes

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likeitswritteninthestars asked: May I politely request that you record your reactions to page 7161, whenever you happen to reach that point? Absolutely no rush, and I sincerely hope that if you are still feeling sick, that you recover your health soon.

Will do, thank you for both the notice and the concern. I am actually going through quite a bit right now health-wise, which is the reason for the unfortunate inactivity. 

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I get the point, the fandom is bored and drowning in its own tears that whatever cliffhanger Andrew left off on will remain a cliffhanger for a whole month. Right now is a great time to take some patience lessons from the remaining Hetalians. 

I left off whining about John and Davesprite somewhere, so suffer with me a few thousand pages until the hiatus ends. Here we go, folks. 

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