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Mini-analysis of John’s relationship with Davesprite ( and Dave )

So, John claims that Dave and Davesprite are the same person, despite previously calling his Dave the “real Dave”. He was passive towards Davesprite, always calling him “orange Dave” or “Davesprite” or implying that he is not a “real Dave”. Despite this, he now insists that Davesprite is the exact same as his supposed best friend and suddenly refuses call him anything but Dave. Alright, I will take a look at the relationship between John and his alternate-but-not-alternate best bud. They must have some sort of close relationship - after all, Davesprite is the exact same as his best friend. And he never met his best friend in person. They must both be totally psyched to have each other around after a year of finally meeting and getting the chance to chill together! 

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This indicates one or more of a few things: 

  1. Davesprite, proud of his accomplishments and himself for once, has been boasting about cool shit he did to the point that it got annoying. 
  2. John enjoyed/is enjoying his new role as “friend leader”, letting it get to his head and being upset when he is not in some sort of control, when he is reminded of a time when he is powerless, or when someone else is talking about their own accomplishments.
  3. John does not recognize how much it would mean to Davesprite if he thanked him, since he takes both him and being alive for granted.
  4. John likes being the center of attention and in control of everything, as indicated by his previous conversations where he insults Jade for liking things he does not and designing a character that does not fit his standards. 
  5. John and Davesprite are not very good friends, which must suck for Davesprite, since he is now hated by the person that he mourned, the person that he cried over, the person that he came back in time to save, and most importantly, the person he thought was his best friend. 

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