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You are one of my favorite people on this planet and have been a role model to me over the past few years. Your unique sense of humor and remarkable ability to recognize and accept yourself with a smile are traits that I have never before seen in anyone. Everything you say and type sounds like a memorable line in a Neil Gaiman novel and I regularly wonder if you played a role in writing Good Omens. You are honest, adventurous, artistic, hilarious, kind, talented, ( fine as hell ), brilliant, wise, and are pretty much the talented linguistic cane carver that I want to hire for all of my cane needs.

A Witch of Doom, the one who controls the fate of her friends and enemies. Unfortunately you cannot control Photoshop crashing, but you regularly prevent me from plummeting to the ground in a fiery explosion of feels. You have helped me understand and accept myself for who I am. I keep your necklace close to my heart every day.

I cannot wait to enjoy our romantic nights together sobbing in front of a television under a pile of blankets.

You are kawaii as fuck and sugoi as hell.

Happy birthday.

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