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Hey Pokemon trainers!

In regards to the names of X and Y and their relation to both the protagonists and the theme of life, only males have the y chromosome, females have two x chromosomes! The male protagonist is probably named Y while the female protagonist is probably named X.

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Remember that one episode of Pokemon where Ash and co. get shrunk down to the size of dolls and had to deal with the fake food and the crazy psychic bitch throwing balls at them? 

Good times. 

Filed under This is exactly what is playing through my head right now You need... Ash You need.... to find a ghost Pokemon You need to make her laugh You need to make the girl laugh This was a really dark series of episodes damn He was shrunk and then he died And then he messed around with people while dead Ash can never really stay dead can he god he dies like every fucking movie spoilers for every movie ever: ASH DIES he gets better though ps PS1 Problem sleuth Liveblog Pokemon