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SBAHJ2 reaction

i think

when bro says he was banging his mom 

it was not really banging

he was fucking her over

disappointing her you know 

he was being a disappointment to his mother

but now….jeff is 

he laughs at jeff because he is disappointing his mother

it just shows how easy it is to make mistakes that disappoint and upset our parents

we need to stop and thing

"what would my parnets think"

you never know when you are about to make a big mistake so sometimes

you need to think… first 

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SBAHJ1 reaction

i think the games….represent 

distractions and procrastination 

he wanted to get away from his…responsibilities

the stairs represent responsibilities

he was WARNED about the responsibilities

but it keeps happening 

he keeps falling down his responsibilities

because they keep….hitting him in the face

he TOLD HIM about the responsibilities 


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Just to clarify -

I am going to attempt to stall my reading of Homestuck until there is plenty to binge on. ( This is mainly a HOMESTUCK blog ). I would still like to liveblog in the meantime, so I will likely pick up one of the other MSPA comics and continue the liveblog that way. The tags will be split depending on what story I am reading, so if you would like to tumblr savior something it will be made easier, and reading through the blog will also be easier.

For example, right now I have started the SBAHJ tag. WTFIH will either remain the main tag, or I will go through all of my post and tag them as “HS” so I can continue using wtfih as the general blog tag.

During liveblogs, I will continue working on Homestuck character analyses because there is still quite a bit left unsaid.

If you truly have enough of an issue with this, I can split up the stories into separate blogs, though that would make things extremely difficult for me.

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