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Anime Central’s Homestuck photoshoot on Saturday.

There were quite a few attendees.

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Filed under Really thank you so much to whoever sent it It was in fact sent to my main account But I figured it deserved better. Right - I could care less if you actually like MLP or not but at least take a single watch at this. Honestly? I am not the biggest fan myself Nothing compared to others at least. But still I received this video a while back when I was feeling at my absolute lowest. There is something familiar about this video - I do not mean the pony aspect. Something loving and wonderful and nostalgic about this song that caught my tear stained eye Or rather ears It really is rare to find something that just so instantly manages to turn a frown into a smile. Especially these dark and gloomy days. Especially for me and especially for many of you. I guess this completely unrelated video is not so completely unrelated. Happiness is never overrated. To the sender - thank you so much. Really. I hope you get your smile too. Because I sure as fuck got mine. <3 video wtfih7 mlp