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Misc stuff

-But the spoilers 

-Neil Gaiman has a tumblr!  And I have no idea what the hell that is. 

-That implies I’m in the Sherlock fandom, tho 

-I have been concealing myself in a pumpkin. 

-Does this mean I have to watch movies now. 

-I can’t really see John as being fall, I always associate fall with sweet potatoes. I’ve always known spring to be a symbol of rebirth and hope, and John kind of is reborn by stuff and full of weird hopes. Completely lighthearted. Jade is more summery because of her constant activity. 

Mainly because I can’t imagine John as a sweet potato. 

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About the spoilers

I see spoilers as that one guy in the movie theater that tells you when to look at stuff. While it can get annoying at times, it often helps you pay attention to things you would otherwise miss and have to pay way too much money to go see again! On the other hand, there are just some things that ruin it! So, tl;dr, if it’s a major plot point, I’d like to find out myself, guys! 

About the dude in class, I just was joking and said “Let me tell you about Homestuck”, turns out he was a big fan and started reading it next to me. 

Learn new things every day, I guess. 

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Oh wow, hey! Gonna start out by saying the music is awesome! It really gives Homestuck its unique feel, emotion, and taken out of context it would be easily mistaken for something in a movie or a big video game. 

I don’t know if you knew him before the projects, but I can only imagine how confusing it must have been to read Homestuck for the first time and be told to make music for it. I have no idea how you all pulled it off. 

It’s always interesting to learn that everyone has the same or similar initial reactions to reading it! Andrew Hussie is probably the only one in the entire world that can fully understand Homestuck. 

I’m definitely checking out the albums once I get caught up. 

Will do, and keep up the good work! 

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I’m back! Going to start the liveblogging again in a few, but before that, there are some SERIOUS THINGS that we need to go over! READ!

Fiiirst off, this is a liveblogging, and as many people have told me, theeyyyy’re not too interested in seeing all of the answers fucking everywhere. I really enjoy your feedback, but sometimes I just get too much. 

Rules in general for sending messages: 

  • If you want to send personal messages, questions, or feedback for the blog, please send them here 
  • If I have already answered it, I will not answer it again. 
  • Keep messages to a minimum on this blog! 
  • If I get multiple questions/messages for one thing, I will only pick one
  • I may not answer all of the questions, you have a better chance getting a response if you ask here 
  • I  don’t want to spam this with answers! 
  • I answer things in batches, so they may take a while to get to. 

I’m really at a loss for what else to say, It would depend on the situation as what’s accepted and what isn’t. I’ll probably change some stuff at the end. Then again since I’m a dick, my blog means my rules. 

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Taken from Mark Reads Harry Potter: WHAT COUNTS AS A SPOILER 

1) Stating something that happens in the future.

  • “That one troll does something!”
  • "Blank explodes!" 
  • "Blank dies!" 

2) Hinting that something happens in the future.

  • “Things are going to get so serious!” 
  • "It’s all fun and games until act blank!" 
  •  “This comes back later!”
  • "Don’t worry, they’re not completely dead!" 
  • "Blank term comes into place soon!" 

3) Telling me a specific moment is important.

  • “Pay attention during the beginning of act blank!”
  • "Page blank is really important!" 

4) Defending your favorite character because they were redeemed in the end. (The inverse is true, as well as defending moments or arguing about specific scenes.)

  • “Don’t be so hard on your blank. She gets better!”
  • “I wish you weren’t so harsh on that one guy. I swear, he doesn’t end up being an asshole.”
  • “I didn’t like That One Act You Are Reading because the end was so depressing.”

5) Telling me the “answer” is in a past movie/log/act/frame. 

  • "That item from blank is the key!" 

6) Saying, hinting at, discussing, referring to, or ambiguously cluing me in to anything I have not read yet.

  • If I haven’t fucking read it yet, don’t fucking talk to me about it. 

7) Something that would change my opinion of a character/plot thing in the story. 


8) Correcting me with something that hasn’t happened yet. 

  • "Blank isn’t blank, but blank is!" 

From now on, I will be deleting all of these.If you guys seriously can’t behave I’m going to disable asks. It’s not fun to have things ruined. 

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One last set of questions before we begin

-Opinions on the characters! 


-I see where you’re coming from! I am familiar with John being associated with the windy thing. Still, in autumn, things tend to have less energy as in summer and spring, which is why I just can’t imagine John as being such a season. As far as energy/activity go, my order as of now is Jade -> John -> Dave -> Rose!  I can agree with all of the elements, but I think they would be independent from the seasons. 

I have also heard that my opinion is likely to change in the near future, so we’ll have to find out! 

-Do you want heart wrenching stories of being new to Homestuck and dramatic retellings of my every day life? Thanks for the useful advice! 

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