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April 13th.

From those that draw and those that write,
From those that animate and those that fight!!!,
From those that wear their cosplays proudly,
From those that liveblog and scrEAM LOUDLY,
From those that discuss and those that analyze,
From those that roleplay and those that criticize,
From those that insist everyone comes in pairs,
From those that program and those that compose,
From those that need something rammed up their nose,
From those that act and those that sing,
from those that cannot capitalize a god damned thing
From the shippers and the haters,
From the movers and the shakers,

From the undoubtedly undeniably unarguably bizzare,
And from me, though I have no idea what the fuck you are,

For bringing us together in every which way,


Have a happy fucking birthday.

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You realize what that would mean, do you not?

A program is erased with a click of a button. If the program upset the one that programmed it… 

The problem is easily solved. 

Do you hesitate to press the “backspace” button? Do you hesitate to delete a file? Such is how the programmer, if they were to look down upon Sburb, could kill each and every inhabitant. 

They are the creations of the creator, the virtual inhabitants of a game.

One of the game’s characters upsets you. 

Have you ever played Zoo Tycoon? 

If you were having a bad day, a really really bad day, it is just so entertaining to watch the virtual characters die. Rid yourself of the problem and enjoy a show while you are at it. 

How many people honestly consider the feelings of a few pixels in Roller Coaster Tycoon before they toss them into the water? 

We look at the inhabitants of Sburb and those who were born there as if they were human, while the creator would know for a fact that they are nothing but coding. 

John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Jake…they were all born in Sburb. They are all Guest #1005, the guest that is constantly angry. 

Instead of killing them off, why not let them kill themselves? It is so much more amusing. 

As a reader of Homestuck, you find their struggles entertaining, too. 

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Now that I think about it…I present to you a possibility.

It has been established before flat out, Sburb is a game. Somehow, it is some sort of elaborate programming. ( Or is it? ) An elaborate program that can alter the universe and place players in life or death situations while immersing them in a lifelike environment. 

It has not been explained fully yet ( or as far as I am ) in Homestuck how much of Sburb is truly a game, or how much of the universe is truly a program, or how much of anything is anything. Sburb may just be a portal to another area of the universe. But I request of you to consider the following. 

The pawns. The denizens of Prospit and Derse. The salamanders and the monsters. They are all programmed into Sburb as AIs. Non player characters similar to the random trainers in a Pokemon game or the other “users” in a .hack game. They are non player characters because they were created into the game and part of its programming. The purpose of a non player character is generally to aid the player or to enhance the playing experience. They were “born” in Sburb, and so they are its virtual citizens in a virtual world. Similar to Brobot, he is a robot with elaborate programming and apparent intelligence and emotions. Oh, nonsense, what complete nonsense that a program could be alive! Oh what utter… 

Recall where the children were born. 

Sburb. Ectobiologicologicalogility. 

It is complicated and it makes little sense. 

They were born in Sburb, as were the pawns and the monsters, just like a Sim character being created. 

This would make them programs. A non player character. Artificial intelligence that somehow managed to find its way out of the game it was created for. If this were true, that they were born entirely in Sburb and managed to escape…Are they part program? Completely human? Children of Earth? Children of Sburb? Both? There seems to be no backtracking to when they were born from biological parents outside of the game, and everything leads back to being created in a virtual test tube in a virtual world. 

How human are they?

 They were not born on Earth, they were born within a game and sent to Earth to be raised by others who expected them, as if…they were programmed to.  If you are coding something within a game and something goes wrong or a virus develops, what do you do? 

Delete it. 

The entire world could be a program, the entire universe could be, but the kids were not born from biological parents, they were born in a game. 

A game that they escaped and managed to play. An NPC playing its own game, imagine that. 

What if they are programs? They are no more “real” than Brobot, no more real than the salamanders, they are no more real than any of the pawns or the knights or the queens or the kings.   Sburb is where they were born and it is likely where they will die. 

Can an NPC beat its own game? 

Or perhaps, they were programmed into this universe for only that purpose. 

I believe that Dad knows something about this, he could be the programmer of everyone, in line with the “Batter Witch”, who might not just be trying to destroy the universe, but rather, to save it from this game that went out of control. 

Who are the true players? 

If all of Sburb is destroyed, would the children die with it? 

To compare this to something, Megaman Battle Network, Megaman was created from actual DNA and turned into a program. Or perhaps, Bass is a better example, being an advanced program that went insane. The children could be part human, such as Megaman, or they could be entirely advanced programming, such as Bass. 

Just a thought. 

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Homestuck as read through windows seven voice recognition software part 3

John: quickly retrieve arms from drawer. 

Your arms and how much chest that sort!

Remove ticks and matched test 

Muti match taxed 

Absent that the two towns perceive that alarms, needed to take from the homestead.

John, and could Eugene can’t match SP 

But she hears the arms from just being used these times. Eustis from the recent weeks . Each shot from your subjects. He had no idea what it means the. 

To other actions and chest.

Jackson’s homes and tunes chance. 

Enhanced nine months and Steve colored pants, instruments and Steve Hopkins hands of its children each and are coming thanks to. Jan knight of these things. Among the artifacts are 128 times from the capital gains tax, one can restrict handcuffs, one stamps or come, one magician stacked, one can you tell us classes, several small polyps, several months capsules, and ½ years crafts * daunting tasks to catch conference ID and practical G3, and one copy of terry anderson’s Y sky, I’m Mike Chapman. 

Some of the stock may come in handy at some point. For now, you decide just takes to stop counts.

John chopped shallots my aunts. 

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Homestuck as read through windows seven voice recognition software part 2

You may miss john. As previously mentioned surprised it. A number of ticks are scattered about to run. You override TV and trusts. You’ve passed for really terrible movies. Mai Tran van computers that are not sent to act. Most songs for paneled walls, and spinal damage are you sure. Mostly to Aidid’s the Scots.

What we do?

John: eugene’s Autzen Shore 

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Homestuck as read through windows seven voice recognition software

A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, is this young man’s birthday. That was 13 years ago he was given nike’s on today you will be given a name what will the name of this young man D?

And your name 

And your name

Seuss Malcom Stallard

Try again smart as 

Try again.

John expert

Examine room 

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Unfortunately my hands start hurting quite severely sold for the next bit of time I’m going to read to you homestuck through windows seven voice recognition default software.I will not correct its mistakes.  Enjoy. 

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What? Are you asking for help for yourself, or for her? I do not know her, I do not know what her situation is, but from this message you seem to be more concerned about her coming onto you than actually aiding in her struggles. 

If she is desperately searching for love and you are not the one to give it, that is the end of that. Based on your extremely vague description, you can help her in just about every way other than the whole love thing. You are required by no law to love anyone that you do not. If you do not love her, tell her that. 

If you are uncomfortable with something, say it. Your body belongs to you and you are not obligated to share it, regardless of her situation or how she feels. She could be convinced you are her soul mate, but if you do not feel the same, you are not required to pretend like you do. A relationship is a two way deal and you cannot force love. Put your foot down or you will both be miserable, I guarantee it. 

Help with her other problems in ways that you can ( and feel comfortable with ), but keep in mind that you may not be able solve everything yourself. Find other people that can help her better if needed. You do not know everything, nor are you capable of accomplishing every single task on this planet. If you are attempting to completely fix a life all by yourself, yours will suffer. 

Look for support groups in your area or online that are relevant to her situation. 

If you are sincerely asking for my help, elaborate.  

Best of luck to both you and your friend, and know that these days there are hotlines for nearly everything!

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