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My headcanon is that the Homestuck musicians are like Freemasons and are sworn to secrecy in regards to their underground activities and initiation rituals. They regularly have music-offs in hidden bunkers that resemble rap-offs in which they bet serious money ( or Ramen packets ) on who wins. They follow strict laws and when these laws are broken, Radiation beats them with a stick.

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If UU is apparently a fangirl type person…

The picture that we were given of UU could be unreliable as a reference to what she actually looks like because she could be cosplaying in it.

She writes fanfics, draws fanart, makes theories, is absolutely obsessed - it is pretty reasonable to assume that she is also interested in cosplay. Those horns could very easily be fake and those sleeves may not be her blood color. 

Neither uu nor UU actually write in their blood color, also indicating that either they both have something to hide, or that the typing in blood color thing does not happen in this universe. 

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So “those things” are apparently actually evil, and Cal was once(?) actually alive. 

Whatever, or whoever Cal is, was trying to communicate with Dave in the alternate timeline. 

It may or may not be a being similar to Doc Scratch. 

If there is something alive within Cal, I think it is trapped. 

Regardless, uu does not know the details of Dirk’s Cal, potentially indicating that he is both aware of other similar puppets existing and that Cal’s true identity is still a mystery after this session ends. 

Or that he never bothered to “research” it. 

Whatever the fuck those puppets are, they obviously cause a shit ton of trouble down the road. 

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