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[S] ACT 6 ACT 3 notes

  • Loading. Loading. Loading loading. How fucking long is this.
  • Well, now that we have green shittily drawn curtains, I think we should consider what green represents. Green is grass. Green is greenery. Green is apple flavor. Usually. Personally, I think purple and blue flavor are better. Remember that one time that Kool-aid had the “guess the flavor” thing? Those fuckers, it was two flavors mixed
  • oh loaded hey
  • oh hey there
  • Sure is very alien-y
  • Hot air balloons! That rain! Lik
  • Crypts and Helium. Oh, this is Jane! So she did not die. 
  • ….
  • oh is this interactive
  • Fuck the notes, then 
  • Time for a walkthrough! 

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Guys, I know you love me so very much and are so excited to see me reading again, but really, I took the time to rip off another liveblog’s write my own spoiler policy, so seriously, even if you are hinting that HEY SOMETHING COOL IS COMING, or correcting me, or saying JUST WAIT UNTIL ____, or hinting that hey maybe ___ did ___ instead, wink wink wink wink 

Cut it out and let me read for my own damn self. 


Taken from Mark Reads Harry Potter: WHAT COUNTS AS A SPOILER 

1) Stating something that happens in the future.

  • “That one troll does something!”
  • “Blank explodes!” 
  • “Blank dies!” 

2) Hinting that something happens in the future.

  • “Things are going to get so serious!” 
  • “It’s all fun and games until act blank!” 
  •  “This comes back later!”
  • “Don’t worry, they’re not completely dead!” 
  • “Blank term comes into place soon!” 

3) Telling me a specific moment is important.

  • “Pay attention during the beginning of act blank!”
  • “Page blank is really important!” 

4) Defending your favorite character because they were redeemed in the end. (The inverse is true, as well as defending moments or arguing about specific scenes.)

  • “Don’t be so hard on your blank. She gets better!”
  • “I wish you weren’t so harsh on that one guy. I swear, he doesn’t end up being an asshole.”
  • “I didn’t like That One Act You Are Reading because the end was so depressing.”

5) Telling me the “answer” is in a past movie/log/act/frame. 

  • “That item from blank is the key!” 

6) Saying, hinting at, discussing, referring to, or ambiguously cluing me in to anything I have not read yet.

  • If I haven’t fucking read it yet, don’t fucking talk to me about it. 

7) Something that would change my opinion of a character/plot thing in the story. 


8) Correcting me with something that hasn’t happened yet. 

  • “Blank isn’t blank, but blank is!” 

From now on, I will be deleting all of these.If you guys seriously can’t behave I’m going to disable asks. It’s not fun to have things ruined. Once again, IF I HAVEN’T FUCKING READ IT YET, PLEASE DON’T FUCKING TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. 

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[S][A612] ??? notes

  • DOTA???
  • That one game with the Russian song 
  • ….Horses
  • Vris
  • Is this the wild west
  • So many majestic horses
  • Oh, hi there horse
  • Man, these acrylic colored hills are a pain in the ass to walk over. 
  • …………..Andrew
  • is this really going in this direction, do I really have to press that arrow
  • Will. Will you. Will you please stop that beating sound. Will you please press that arrow. Will you please water the daisies. Will you please help me figure out how bone structure works
  • You. You and me. Uranium. Blowing up the whole town
  • oh no fuck this
  • haha NOPE

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Miss me? Yeah you did. 

We last left off with Andrew’s tragic death and a reminder to train your dogs before they destroy the universe. 

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Just post in the linked forum topic or send that person an ask. 

Being noticed by senpai has never been easier. 

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[Petition] Help Promote The Homestuck Music Team!

Click the link for full details (on the MSPA forums), but long story short: I’m petitioning Andrew to use the top banner to help promote the Music Team’s non-Homestuck works

They really need and deserve the exposure, and I think it’s time we showed them some recognition for all the work they’ve put into Homestuck. They’re pretty damn under-appreciated as it is!

You can sign the petition on the MSPA forums OR, if you don’t have a forum account, you can sign it right here on tumblr! Just send me an ask to say you’re signing the petition. Please include the name you’d like to be go by, because I will be sending the namelist to Andrew eventually. If you don’t specify anything I will use your tumblr username. 

Please help to signal boost this and thanks in advance, everyone!!

EDIT: If anyone wants more info on why I started this petition to begin with, I made a little forum post about it.

We interrupt this mourning to remind you: HEY! Support the music team. Music is great, and certain members of the music team were some of my first fans. 

When Homestuck sucked, and it really did, I listened to the music and thought that either the music team was insane or that there really was something to this Homestuck thing.

( Both are true ) 

Sign this petition and I will look through each and every one of the names that have signed and nod my head in acknowledgement of your existence. 

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